Consulting Services

    • Corporate Development: Packaging, Positioning, Valuing, Due-Diligence, Negotiating, etc.
    • Business Development: Packaging, Positioning, Relationship Development, etc.
    • Customer Development: Packaging, Positioning, Meeting Facilitation, Messaging, Positioning Refinement, etc.
    • Information Architectures and Solutions: Design, Development, Planning, Analysis, Solutions, Implementation/Integration, etc.
    • Long-Term Digital Preservation: Planning, Audit, Assessments, Service Architecture and Design, Implementation, etc.
    • Risk Management: Assessment, Retention Period Planning, Implementation, Information Assurance, etc.

      “We practice “Market Engineering” through years of leadership experience building companies, designing solutions and architectures, and delivering products to customers. We have founded, advised, packaged, funded, and sold many companies, including creating and running seven trade associations and 5 major conference/trade show events. Call us!” — Michael Peterson

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